From the Counselor’s Desk ..

Emotional Well-Being Is As Important As Breathing

Education can never revolve around the knowledge that students receive from the books. It is all about the all-round development that the students undergo which also includes their mental, psychological as well as social development. Considering the complexity of the time and to cater to mental, social and psychological needs of the students, school provides counselling facilities to our students.

The counselling is targeted towards the remedial work which involves helping the students with their problems and difficulties. Immense academic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure all other external pressures and tensions are few major causes of mental and psychological imbalances amongst the students.

It is practised in its best form at our school to provide mental, emotional and psychological stability to our students and their parents.

The purpose of counselling at our school is to guide students to enhance their personal development by actualising their God given potential.

Ursuline Convent Sr Sec School shapes students' personality and their career by providing a space to discuss their problems openly to shed mental burden to soar high successfully.

We assure our students and parents that they are well accompanied in their journey ahead and are in safe hands under the direction of Almighty God.


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