• Students must strictly adhere to the rules of the school regarding the uniform and their turn-out.
  • Any deviation from the prescribed uniform is unacceptable. Parents are requested to monitor the turn- out of their ward/s in the morning before they set off for school. The students not conforming to this will be directed to the Student’s Resource Room. Here under the supervision of a teacher, they will carry out academic enrichment work as given by their subject teachers. All such students will be marked absent for that day.
  • The parents must ensure that they pick up the right fabric prescribed by the school for their ward’s uniform. They need to be careful as some readymade garment sellers sell outfits which do not conform to the school specification.
  • Boys are expected to have a proper hair cut (except Sikh Boys). They are not permitted to sport long side burns / beards while they are in the school. While the boys must keep their hair short and well-groomed, the girls must tie up their hair in a plait with white / black elastic hair bands. Girls I - VIII class - Two plaits. IX & above - Single plait, Sikh.
  • Boys - Olive green Patka and white Patka (on Wednesday).
  • Coloring of hair is strictly prohibited. Boys are not allowed to use gel / cream and sport spikes on their hair.
  • On all the days the students are expected to wear proper shoes as follows:
Do's Not Allowed To Wear
  • Must wear black leather shoes with laces.
  • Ensure that their shoes are polished every day.
  • Shoes without laces, having high heels, rexene or sports shoes.
  • Must wear black leather polished shoes with straps.
  • Must wear black leather polished shoes with straps.
  • Shoes having high heels, rexene or sports shoes.
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